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VDI is a secure remote desktop solution
for your business

Remote desktop is a way to store
corporate data away from your office


VDI is a secure remote desktop solution for your business

Remote desktop is a way to store
corporate data away from your office


Running a business involves a number of risks. The most destructive ones may result in corporate data theft and IT hardware exposure, which in turn lead to data leaks and loss.

One can avoid those risks by using the VDI Remote Desktop technology. It allows companies to own a personal cloud with all their data stored and applications installed. It is accessible from any destination across the globe over the Internet.

Simply put, the VDI (RDP) is a cloud solution hosting all your employees’ virtual workstations and your IT infrastructure on a remote server. Office computers act only as access terminals and store no data.

Virtual desktop experience is no different from local workstations your employees are used to. What’s more, their activities become not limited to office environment only, as VDI provides secure access to corporate services from virtually everywhere: from home, on a business trip or while travelling.

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Who and why should use remote desktop service

By choosing to store all your corporate data in the office, sooner or later companies face issues, mostly caused by data leakages resulting from improper data handling practices by your personnel. Using corporate laptops during travel, insufficient office network security, along with the emerging need to use portable drives containing confidential data on 3d party computers may all lead to data theft and, subsequently, profit loss.

Remote desktop is reliable and sustainable.

  • Your corporate data is stored in specialized Tier-III-class protected data centers.
  • Hacking specialized data centers is not economically viable, unlike ordinary office systems, which do not have nearly the same level of security
  • Data may be withdrawn from the data center only under a court order. Yet, even in this situation you have sufficient time to make all the necessary preparations.
  • All storages and communication channels are encrypted, so even the data center employees cannot access your data.
  • In case of emergency all remote desktops may be shut down within 3 seconds by issuing a distress call. Such calls may be initiated from your smartphone or even be bound to pressing a safety button under your desk.
  • Backups may be saved not only to a remote backup server in the data center, but also to your own secret storage.
  • The system can identify potentially harmful actions by your employees and notify them.

Remote desktop is convenient and cost-effective

  • You can connect to the remote desktop environment from virtually anywhere: on a business trip, from a client’s of partner’s office, at home, or even on board of a plane.
  • When you have poor Internet connectivity, you may switch to using a 3G modem, which is enough to connect to the server and work remotely.
  • You can work with the same applications you are used to on operating systems different from yours.
  • You do not have to upgrade or replace the outdated computers in your IT park to be able to work with resource-demanding applications, as performance is not dependent on local PC capabilities. This means direct cost saving.
  • There is no need to hire a full-time IT administrator to maintain your IT infrastructure.

RDP means no local or outsourced IT

There are several ways to build the IT infrastructure in your office:

  • by relying on technically-minded employees;
  • by hiring a full-time IT specialist;
  • by outsourcing it to a 3d party person or company;
  • by using the VDI service (RDP).

The latter means storing and running the corporate software at a geographically remote data center. Office PCs would simply become terminals connected to a remote server over the Internet not actually processing any data.

In this case you do not need an IT administrator to maintain the workstations as they no longer need any upgrades. Any PCs are suitable for your operations, regardless of their capabilities. Even in case of hardware failure or machine withdrawal the employee can pick up their work from any other PC or tablet without losing data.

  • Your IT services resiliency is not impacted by the IT administrator’s sick leave or resignation.
  • You can avoid non-productive time if a PC has broken down and cannot be fixed for any reason.
  • Upgrading your resources capacity takes minutes, not months.
  • The security of your corporate data does not depend on one person as each employee has access only to their data they are entitled to.
  • All company data is stored remotely meaning you should not worry about your computers or hard drives being stolen or withdrawn by a third party.

Largest international businesses set up remote desktop services for their employees because it is cost-effective, secure and convenient.

With Monolith Plus you can do just the same!

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